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10.08.2018  |  361x
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GKM Vibrating Control Screening Machine KTS-VS2 - especially developed for the powder coating industry

Successful Cooperation between NEUMAN & ESSER and GKM

- in the powder coating industry -

Viewed on retrospect, we have enjoyed a genuine powder coatings boom during the past few years. More and more areas of use are opened up today by high-performance powder coatings. Accordingly, the powder coatings industry demonstrates very strong global growth, enabling the introduction of a large number of new production lines to the market.

The requirements of new systems, but also of existing systems, must dynamically adapt to market conditions. In particular, the sharply increased raw materials prices and the immense competition within the market exert high cost pressure on the manufacturers worldwide. In order to meet these demands on the production equipment and to provide the customers a complete system, the companies Neuman & Esser Mahl- und Sichtsysteme and GKM Siebtechnik GmbH have joined forces. Both companies benefit from their many years of experience in the powder coating industry and offer a complete system including control and monitoring from a single source.
The essential two-motor GKM Control Screening machine KTS-VS 2 belonging to the complete system is equipped with Ultra-Sonic-Vario cleaning System. A low construction size, high throughput, easy cleaning and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning are characteristic for that machine.

Development also focused on work safety for this system. As powder coatings are probable explosive material, a system introduced by NEA monitors the static loading of the components in order to hinder sources of ignition providing an important contribution in the area of employee safety here. The control and monitoring of all these described components takes place centrally via the overall grinding system controller.

For further information, please contact us:
GKM Siebtechnik GmbH, Felix-Wankel-Straße 11, 74915 Waibstadt
Phone: +49 7263 40972 0
E-mail: info@gkm-net.de

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