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Lödige at Anuga FoodTec

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Efficient, tried-and-tested

The Loedige Ploughshare® Mixer KM 2000

The Loedige Ploughshare® Mixer KM 2000

Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau will be showcasing food-safe solutions for industrial mixing and related process technologies in Hall 10.1 (Stand B040) at Anuga FoodTec. The machines were constructed in accordance with the current international regulations for food-grade hygienic design. An equally efficient and proven example is the Ploughshare® batch mixer FKM 2000.

The batch mixer operates according to the mechanically-generated, turbulent fluidized bed principle, developed by Lödige. In the horizontal, cylindrical drum of the type FKM 2000 mixer, Ploughshare® shovels are arranged on a shaft rotate as mixing elements. Powdery, granular or fibrous bulk materials are subjected to three-dimensional movement and the entire product is constantly mixed quickly and accurately. During this process, the product is handled with extreme care. Due to the special shape of the tools, the material to be mixed is taken off the drum wall in a radial movement, effectively preventing destruction of the particles. This ensures short mixing times with the highest mixing quality and batch reproducibility. In addition, the FKM 2000 is designed for efficiency and features a low-maintenance mixer concept with easy access to the internal parts. This ensures high availability of the machine.

The batch mixer is equipped with various tools, depending on the mixing job. When special requirements are placed on the mixing process, the mixing effect of the mixing element can be additionally supplemented. For this purpose, separately driven choppers rotating at high speed are installed. In combination with the mixing tools, they enable the opening up of agglomerates and targeted granulation during the mixing process. Additional available equipment options comprise a heated or cooled drum, head pieces and shaft, as well as various liquid addition devices. If necessary, the preparation of pumpable masses is also possible. In accordance with the extensive application range of the FKM mixer series, the machines are available in various sizes with drum capacities of 130 to 30,000 litres.

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